Empowering The Economical Decision Makers of The Future

A 1000’s Men is an Organisation where men Empower each other Socially and Economically. Becoming a member of this Fraternity means choosing to succeed Socially and in Business.

At ‘A 1000’s Men’ brothers Inspire, Support and Empower other brothers for the benefit of all. We are not a Political Organisation, a Religious Group or a Sports Organisation. Tribalism is also not tolerated…nonetheless all Ambitious Visionaries are Welcome.

One Vision, One Goal

Here at 1000’s Men, we are constantly improving
our skills to fulfill projects of any level


Who We Are

At ‘A 1000’s Men’ we acknowledge that Entrepreneurship is the best solution for a country which is faced with challenges like unemployment and poverty. We believe that entrepreneurs can change the way perceive our worlds. Furthermore, entrepreneurship can become a major force for many countries economic growth.

If entrepreneurship opens doors to innovations; it will lead us to an improvement of our living standard and in addition it can create wealth, employment and an atmosphere for a prosperous community. Therefore it is important to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship as a national asset and moreover entrepreneurship should be rewarded accordingly.

It doesn’t require academic research to determine the amount of pressure which men are facing in this country. There are lots of challenges which we are facing and it is unfortunate that we are not understood to be supported by anyone. Due to lack of support, we become frustrated and miserable. As a result, men abandon their families; they become violent and most turn to crime to fulfil their egos.

Everyman has a dream that he needs to accomplish but in most cases, there are many obstacles which prevent such from becoming true. The good thing is that ‘A 1000’s Men’ was established to connect men so we can work together for the benefit of all. However, our aim is not to support mediocre, but to achieve excellence.

Organisational Culture

We are lions that bleed Black and Gold.

A Lion, Black and Gold share few characteristics, POWER, BOLDNESS, AUTHORITY and DOMINATION. A Lion: is family orientated, is strong, focused and also sharp minded. Moreover, a lion is brave, courageous and disciplined. A member of this organisation ‘A 1000’s Men’ is expected to be a man of integrity. Like a lion, these men are disciplined, focused and they protect their families. They have a good reputation within their communities. A lion respects his lioness and he provides for his family. Having instincts for brotherhood is also a sign of family orientation.

Colour Gold: This colour represents wealth and success. A man, who becomes part of ‘A 1000’s Men’, will over time become successful in whatever they do. Their success will show everywhere they go and in everything they do. We help each other to get there and our aim is the best quality possible, not mediocre. If one brother succeeds, then we all celebrate his success because he is our brother. We aim for successful Careers, Businesses, Marriages, and all the other important matters.

Colour Black: This colour represents wisdom and humbleness but yet with prestige. A 1000’s Men is continuously learning to equip himself with the knowledge that will help him fill the position of Solution giver. He is also expected to treat women and children with respect and precaution (Not only his family). He has to show respect to other men too and also to elders. Moreover, ‘A 1000’s Men’, is expected to understand the importance of nature and to acknowledge its significance.

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It is our culture to be disciplined and focused.
We’re brave and family orientated.
We have integrity.
We always in control of any situation.
The communities look up to us.
We are trustworthy.
We value people more than status.
We are visionaries.
We bleed Black and Gold.
We are 1000’s Men.

What We Do

We are a brotherhood association, and we are out to solve societal problems. We are
responsible men in the name of brotherhood. Part of what we do is to organise events that are meant to empower and encourage men and the community as a whole.

That is our way of creating businesses and employment opportunities for different communities. Our main aim is to create the order required in communities. We also intend to engage with the younger generation of men in this matter, by educating them while they are still at a tender age.

We train the future generation of men to be responsible husbands, brothers, neighbours, employees, and leaders of the future. We also partner with other organisations to train both older and younger men in the field of business. A 1000’s Men acknowledges the fact that it takes well-trained men to be law-abiding citizens. A 1000s Men is for all men with the vision. We bleed Black and Gold.


We bleed Black and Gold.

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